A veterinary ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging procedure that enables an in-depth view of your pet’s organs. Many times x-rays, which reveal the size, dimensions, and position of the organ, will be utilized in combination with an ultrasound in order to create a better picture of your pet’s issue. The ultrasound can detect abnormalities in abdominal organs, including tumors and cysts, and can easily identify obstructions in the gastrointestinal tract caused by foreign material. Ultrasound can also be used to evaluate heart conditions (referred to as echocardiogram) and monitor pregnancy and development. Veterinary ultrasounds have been used on pets for decades and is a safe and powerful way to identify difficult maladies and problems. Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to provide this service to our clients and friends through our sonographer Dr. Romero.

Our ultrasound machine is a GE Logic e Vet.  It’s speed and advanced features make it an ideal device for imaging your pets for critical and emergency veterinary care.



Dr. Kelly Romero, Sonographer  –  available for emergencies and by appointment

In February 2013, Dr. Romero successfully obtained an Advanced Imaging Certificate of Completion from Sound Eklin.  This is a one-year course taught by a team of specialists that provides over 140 hours of continuing education in lecture and laboratory format, with written and practical exams required for successful completion.  Approximately 50 abdominal and echocardiogram cases were completed each quarter, with half receiving critique from the experts.  As of the spring of 2014, Dr. Romero has completed over 300 abdominal ultrasounds and over 125 echocardiograms.  Thanks to technology, Dr. Romero is also able have her ultrasound images reviewed by a board certified radiologist or cardiologist for additional input (the same applies for radiographs taken at VERH or at your hospital).  Dr. Romero is happy to expand our ability to provide complete emergency and elective abdominal ultrasounds and echocardiograms.


Dr. MacKay, Radiologist  –  available by appointment

Dr. MacKay, DVM MS DACVR (Diplomate for American College of Veterinary Radiology), is an independent radiologist contractor and a vet who can provide faster and more accurate diagnosis in emergencies.  He is available upon request or to assist with emergency cases when Dr. Romero is unavailable.