Comprehensive care for patients.

Our non-invasive echocardiogram provides a clear and accurate diagnosis of heart disease and is always performed by Allison Heaney, an ACVIM board-certified cardiologist.  She includes blood-pressure and electrocardiogram diagnostics during every exam, we do not “up-sell” our patient care, we provide the best treatment for our patients the first time – every time.

Compassion and empathy

We understand that having a pet examined by a specialist can be emotional.  Rest assured that we take the time to treat clients and patients with dignity and respect.  We explain our findings, listen to your concerns, and answer all of your questions.  We strive to be an extension of your family veterinary practice and you are always welcome to be present during an exam.

Collaborative medicine

We create clear, concise and actionable plans that consider input from everyone invested in the patient’s health: the client, the primary care veterinarian, and also other veterinary specialists when appropriate. We believe that the primary care veterinarian is the “key-stone” to effective patient care, and we ensure that they remain central to the treatment plan.


Both continuity and quality of care can be dramatically improved through effective communication.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone understands our findings, the significance of any heart disease, and the purpose of treatment and future evaluations.  We want to stay involved and supportive throughout the patient’s continued treatment.