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Nancy is a Michigan native but has lived previously in CO, WA. and CA. She's been back in Colorado since 1989 and has been with VERH since Dec. of 2007. She previously worked for a local day practice then took time off to raise her son. She has over 20 years of experience in the veterinary field doing everything from kennel girl to office manager. She likes the variety of cases in ER and the amazing things that happen in rehab, but she especially loves to see the wildlife that is brought in for care.

Nancy smiling, holding a puppy


  • 03/27/14

    Since September 2012, Morris Animal Foundation has been busy recruiting 3,000 purebred Golden Retrievers for an amazing project, the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. About one-third of the necessary dogs have been enrolled, but more canine heroes are needed.

  • 03/27/14

    Dog owners are aware of the importance of rabies vaccinations and many will also insure that their canine friends are protected against distemper and the deadly parvovirus.   But, when asked about updating their pets with a Bordetella vaccine, a fair number of owners will decline, stating that they never kennel their dogs.  In this story, learn how "kennel cough" is far more complex than you might imagine and how your pet might be at a higher risk than you thought!

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